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I would like an alternative to re-chroming several pitted chrome parts that would complement the "Hot Rod Black" (Basically Flat black) that I am painting my truck. Has anyone had experience in painting Black chrome? Would love to have your thoughts on ease of painting, durability, etc.

Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions.

capt'n Jim
Hey Cap,
Depends on which black chrome you are interested in. Basically what you are looking at is painting the part black, clearing it, and making sure it is flawless. Then you repaint with Alsa chrome paint...which is basically a super thinned-out silver with very little flake. It's thin like a candy that allows the black to show through. Then paint with single-stage clear, then 2k clear. It is a pain in the rear.

I used to do it on a regular basis, except not with Alsa chrome paint. I would use a hyper silver, extremely reduced. It's definitely a cool effect, but there are problems with it losing its color. I'm not sure why...

Infiniti wheels had this hyper silver paint on them and when they would put acid on the wheels, it would streak the silver through the clear (?). I'd say it's not very durable, but this is only my experience with it. Someone else who is a real chrome paint pro may chime in and negate my statements.

I've also done the silvering process (the process of making a mirror back in the day). It was SUPER cool, but I could never make it work correctly, that is, the entire piece flawless. There is a black chrome process this way as well, I'm pretty sure.

None of the paints were worth continuing to make the effort, so i gave up after spending too much money on it. They came out pretty OK, but not like true chrome. Buuuuuut, just for kicks and giggles, I might give it another go around.
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