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Blending color

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I have found a strait set of fenders for my car.If I put um on and paint um with the same # paint how would I blend them to the rest of the car the existing paint has faded a little.(base/clear) Also any tips on getting the gaps right between the hood and doors. Should I even attempt this my self?Usually when I attempt body work it comes out like a horror movie.

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In order to blend to the adjacing panels you are going to scuff them up good and first spray tour base on in thin coats over your new parts to just about cover, then on final three coats of base start with just a little blend in about five inches, then about ten then fade the last one out abut twenty if your car if faded or you are worried about match, when you are blending it take a bit of gun and flow control. Do not go off of just the look of the base alone as the ctear will bring out the true color. When you do clear, clear the facing panels all the way to a break. Takes some practice but is easier to do than sounds. When fading bring gun way back from surface to minimize the addition of color. You do not wand to change it completely but just give it the hue of the new color gradually.
hey 78, as far as lining the fenders I would start with the gap at the door.Mainly because the door is still in the same spot. Tighten up the back bolts making sure your gap is even top to bottom also check to make sure the fender is flush with the door. You may need to use shims to do all this as the factory tolerances were`nt as tight on older cars.After you get the rear of the fender lined and tightened to your satisfaction close the hood ( not all the way , just enough to check the gap. keeps you from running back and forth to unlatch it)and make sure the gap is even front to back, then tighten the front bolts.Once you get this far do close the hood all the way and check to see if the hood and fender are flush on top, if they are not open the hood and adjust the little rubber bumper on the radiator support up or down.It can be alittle tricky but I think you can do it.Well have fun. :D
way back in the olden days, a long time ago, we'd add a touch of silver paint to deaden the coler to match the faded paint. don't know if it would work on the new stuff, you might experiment a little.
First of all you should polish all the panels you are not going to paint . You will have to blend in to the doors and maybe the hood. You can buy a product called blend prep from PPG. You use it with a gray Scotch-bright pad and water. PPG also sells a blending clear that you mix 50% with the base coat. Then 25% base, 75% blending clear and so on. The more blending clear you mix with your base, the more transparent your base will become. When you are done your blend spray just the blending clear over all your painted panels (or just the blended ones) to check your blend.. Don't go to far in to the doors with your blend, maybe half way.
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