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Only mentioned the monkey thing cause I found it funny, I'm suprised I rememberd. It just popped in my head out of nowhere LOL. :p dont be worried I wasnt accusing you, I thought it was a cool pic.:thumbup:

guess the cobras all carbon fiber?
thats what one of the pics description says anyway.

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I agree the British racing green and chrome would be better but its not my baby so he made his choices and has to live with them....not the look I would have gone for either.


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I doubt its all carbon fiber, but who knows?

Here's a pic of the guys who own it

I dont think he's a regular poster here


EDIT: the cobra is all carbon fiber apparently. Here's what he posted in "how can I make carbon fiber" thread

lowdown99 said:
hey guys carbon fiber isn't that much different than laminating fiberglass, the biggest difference is that you need to use epoxy resin instead of poly resin. as long as you have a good shaped and smooth substrate . use something in the range of 6 to 12 oz cloth and be very careful to lay the cloth evenly using a bondo squeegee to spread the resin thoroughly into the cloth , let it set up overnight ,(be shure not to disturb the cloth too much by spreading it too hard) and then follow with a good coat of clear gelcoat( clear will take forever to fill ) trust me on this we have a 65 ac cobra replica that has a 73 pound carbon fiber body on it with about a 7500 dollar paint job on it.dont skimp when doing carbon fiber unless you want it to look like you did.

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