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Block number/Code on crate 350

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My father in law gave my wife his '66 C10, he has the original in line 6cyl I will put back in it after we rebuild it. I'm cleaning up the crate 350 he bought and put in the 80's, he thinks it was 87 when he bought it new, or 89. Can anyone tell me what these markings mean on the driver rear top of the block? I also show the head markings in case that helps. I'm trying to identify this motor and specs. Thanks

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There should be a block casting number on the left upper bell housing block, it’s not easy to see because the engine is so close to the firewall and parts of other systems crowding the area.

There should be a stamped ID number on a block pad that is hidden from view by the alternator.

The head casting number is on the casting between valves sets under the valve cover. It will be a number string that is 6 to 8 digits long.

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So this first photo is the upper left bell housing, unless you mean it is on passenger side under the heater core? I can remove the heater core to look if so. I just broke cylinder 1 spark plug and glad I did because they need replaced before I fire up again. The exhaust manifold and shape of this spark plug (short thread flange style) leads me to think this is an older motor than we thought, like a 1969 or 1970 350. Any thoughts on better spark plugs to put in than these AC Delco R44T? That may be original....

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No I meant upper left as you are seated behind the steering wheel, The numbers in your photo are not the block casting number it will be a string of digits which like the head’s will be 6 to as many as 8 digits long with no letters.

Also sometimes the block has the last three digits of its casting number on each side of the block just rear of the engine mount. Laying on a creeper looking up they will be backwards to your viewing angle.

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