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blown head gasket

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Its a 383 roadrunner engine in a 33 plymouth. How do you diagnose to see what side the blown head gasket is on? Do you have to replace both sides? The driver side will be a pain because the steering arm goes through the headers and everything is really tight. Thanks nick,
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Do you have a compression or coolant leak? If compression, the side can be indentified by compression/leakdown test. If coolant, both sides should be pulled and inspected.

Can you remove the header and let it lean against the steering shaft so as not to have to remove it?
Witch side is not the question !!! if you blew a head gasket you have Rust or blow by if It was me id remove both heads install valve guide seals new gaskets and in doing so insure the problem wouldnt happen again Jeez its only $100 a price well spent
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