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Body mounts

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I'm not to the point that I need them yet but I'm picking up and making parts I'll need along the way. Subject; body mounts. The old ones look O.k. but should I replace them? They are 65 years old. If I should at 7.50 a set I'll need 16 sets. Can I just make them out of plain old rubber or should I buy new ones or just reuse the old ones? Can't see in spending lots of dollars on something that you won't see if it's a do it yourself and save item. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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Replace them..They have disintegrated for will with a little more use and you'll have some terrible body noises going down the road with metal to metal grinding. I've used hockey pucks and drilled holes in them but they are a bit stiff, (also used them for flathead engine mount cushions). :cool:
Hook Up with the company called Bob Drake, I used their body mounts on my 38 Ford, worked great.
38, dont't mean to sound like a wise guy, but are you sure the $7.50 does not get all you need? Molded rubber parts can be turned out like popcorn for pennies worth of materials. Bob Drake does make super rubber parts, but he is almost strickly Ford. Don't know how they would interchange with teh DeSoto.

Thanks Jalopy, That's what I want to know. I don't want a squeaky tin can going down the freeway. My old Mazda pickup does that now but only because the bed is half rusted off.
Rocknrod, I'll check it out maybe I can find something similar but cheaper who knows?
Trees in Andy Bernbaums catalog at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> it says 7.50 per set 1 upper, 1 lower and I have 8 mounting holes on each side of the body. Yeah I thought that was high myself for just a piece of rubber. That's why I thought I could make my own and save a few bucks. I have rubber mud flaps from the scrape on the motorhomes we build. Thought that might work but don't want to take them off later if they deterriorate to rapidly or cause squeaking problems.
38, if they are all the same, I would buy one set and then do the old Japanese copy trick. And then be so audacious as to send them back for refund (S&H would cost you more)!! Bet you have guys in the Motor home business that could make thes things on lunch break!!

Trees in the music of Janet Jackson, "Oh you nasty boy, nasty, nasty boy." :D
check out squegee material, also orchard has a layered rubber gasket looking material, about 1/4 in thick, cheap. I used for mounting the windshield frame to my tbucket.
I made some mounts from 3/4" rubber sheet stock. To make the biscut perfectly round chuck the rubber in a drill. With the drill spinning the rubber use a sander (I used a small belt sander) to grind the biscut round. The trick is to make sure the rubber rotates in the opposite direction of the sander. If the biscut is not perfectly round reverse direction of the drill. Good luck!!!
Thanks 4811, I have hole saws I think that would work too. Maybe even easier. Kinda nice how one idea spawns another isn't it?" That'll save me a few bucks so I can buy other parts I can't make. :cool:
Thanks for the pm BrianLarkin. Didn't have your e-mail address so couldn't return the thanks. I'm going to replace them. Will make my own. :cool:
Rocknrod the Ford site had them for 4 bucks a pr. but didin't state thickness and diameter. If just any rubber will do as a cushion I have enough material to make my own and save a few bucks. Hope to get the chassis prepped and painted this weekend. :cool:
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