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Hi; I am just an old dude that always wanted a hot rod but never quite got one. I got my hands on a '37 Chevy frame with wheels and a '55 Buick V-8 with a 4 Bbl, but at 14 I just didn't know what to do with it. My Dad passed away and so I lost my mentor, helper, and financial backing.
Life got away after that. Now I am 64 and the pickup I bought new is 17 years old and still kicking strong. One vehicle is all I can afford on SS so this is what will become my hot rod. '92 Toyota 4x4 Ex Cab (aka Tacoma) with a 22RE 4 cyl engine.
I always wanted a '32 Ford PU so I need to know if the fenders and bed will fit on my short bed truck without too much modification. If it will take a lot of metal bending and cutting then I will have to go to welding school. I have not been able to get any info on measurement of old '32 Ford body parts. :welcome:
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