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bonding fiberglass to metal

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I have a 1941 chev. 4-door sedan that has been chopped,dropped and every body panel smoothed or modified.I replaced the rear fenders with a set of glass 2"wider rear fenders. I want to mold the fenders into the body for a smoother look.Do I use some of the new adhesives between the fender and the body,bolt it back together and then fill the seam with some type of filler?If there's a possibility of cracking later on I don't want to try it.
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That's not a good idea for a part that big on a car. You can get away with bonding a hood scoop which is small and lightly loaded, but bonded fenders will always fail. Too big, too much vibration and exposure to the elements.
Willys is right. Fiberglass and metal make a poor bond. Eventually you will see a ring around the joint. 3M makes a panel adhesive that works not bad but is expensive. You need a special applicater gun as well.Have used it with some success but you'll take a chance with it.
well if you have a good quality fibreglass part, it is possible to bond it on to steel, but not if you use polyester, you need to use epoxy, good e-glass rowing or bi-directional glass.BUT the steel has to be 110% clean, i used a 60 grit sanding wheel on an angle grinder, and then cleaned with first spray on clutch and brake cleaner, and then a silicone remover on a lint free cloth. that way the fender extension is glassed onto a large area of clean steel, useing a quality epoxy (it wont fail before the steel does- trust me)

but you HAVE to buy the epoxy, and it has to be one that is specified to bond to steel. i cant stress this point enough, polyester resin just doesnt wet the steel properly, i Contacted the local West-epoxy dealer. I am not sure where you would find one in your area, biut try a web search.
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Here are the two I use
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