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well, got my car up in the air, and began to remove parts in earnest.
took the wheels off the front today and... lo and behold... DISK BRAKES!

conversion of the spindles is done! how sweet is that?

now my only problem is, i have NO flippin idea what they are :confused:

all the stuff is brand new. never been ran...but it'd be nice to know what i have under here?!

i took a look in the knowledge base, and searched the archives, and found nothing about ID'ing a front brake system...nothing usefull anyhow.


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They're GM...

I would suppose it is one of those kits that will mount on the origional spindle. Does it have a flat steel mounting bracket for the caliper? Any GM casting markings on the caliper housings?

Parts should be easy to match-up on it.
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