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i redone the rear drum brakes
new wheel cylinders , new shoes
the front has new pads

i bleed the break many times at the four corner

break still soft ,working , but not at 100%
i noticed the brake pedal dont come back all the way
i decide to change the brake master cylinder as well
now the barke pedal come back properli
i bleed the brake master cylinder on a bench , i took my time for that

i installed the brake master , bleed again

now no brake at all?? pedal seems soft even when the engine is off ??

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Sounds like it is full of air, So check for leaks, Now with new items added the old parts could be to blame hoses, lines, wheel cylinders, also just becuse the master is rebuilt it could be defective or damaged diaphragm ripped if you used something sharp or too aggressive when bench bleeding..
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