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Brandon Miller - motorsports addict..

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Hi, my name is Brandon Miller and I am... a motorsports addict..


Let's see, I guess my main interest lies in the four wheeling area, I run I am 29 years old - no formal automotive training and I would trade my civil engineering career for a job in motorsports in a heartbeat (hate my job)!

I am married, live in sacramento ca and have two kids - Scout and Sierra.

Here is my current "ride"

5.0 powered 83 toyota with ford running gear (Rear is a D60 with a strange spool and 35 spline moser shafts, disk brakes, front is a HP D44 etc etc etc.

This is also my daily driver to get to work down the highway (cruises nicely at 80mph, no shakes or anything). It is convertible so this time of the year the top is on and the mojave heater works great.

Here is one I helped build with my dad that I just had to let go because I never used it.

1953 M38A1 with black cherry painted 'glass body, updated YJ suspension, 4wheel disk, etc etc.

This is my current wheeling project, it will be getting the running gear and drivetrain from my truck

1963 Scout 80

Just to be well rounded this is the "hot rod" I intend to build after I finish a few other projects, hope to be a driver and a toy, as well as something to take the family to shows in etc. A well rounded 50 year old car..

currently hoping to keep the old school 14"/15" krager mags but I need to narrow the rear axle, thinking of going with the disk MK V axle but who knows..

And the current project (wait did I allready say that?)

My wife's 73 bug "oscar"

It spent time outside in monterey so it had some major rust repair and is getting a new paint job now, along with interior etc. It is my "hot rod trainer" since parts (interior kits, disk brake kits, etc. ) are MUCH cheaper than for the chevy

I have a thread starter here for oscar..

Because 4 cars isn't enough (I need a tow rig too) here is my wife's daily driver and the one that gets us on trips.

1993 V8 ZJ, haven't touched it other than a mild lift and tires :);topic=1215.0;id=109;image
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welcome seem to be well rounded in your automotive interests.
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