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I'm not sure what to expand on. Brodix offers a full service head repair service in house however there opinion is the same as mine.
Welding heats the head and moves the seats and guides so a valve job is required after welding and machining. That's guides, seats, machining, reaming the guides, etc.
Instead of welding it up and doing all that, I'd flat mill it down to the edge of the intake valve to clean it up the best you can and leave whatever small dents as is. They won't hurt anything.You'll replace the seats and valves and guide on the hole if the others don't need it but they probably will.
Brodix doesn't surface heat treat the alloy they use so no worries there.
By the time you do a valve job on the T1 heads, All in at $1500-1800 ready to bolt on, your really close to buying new ones at $2200.
It doesn't make a lot of sense to repair them unless they have been modified port work or some other special circumstance. The T1 aren't too bad a head out of the box, but they have been around a long time and the T1X head is way better for a few bucks more but you will also need a shaft system for the X version.
Thank you. Now I understand your comment a lot better.
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