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broken bolts

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I've got all the front sheetmetal off my truck,54-f100. Now I've got a bunch of twisted off bolts that need to be removed before I can put it back together. Let me know what has worked for you,I'm looking for an easy easy out. :( :rolleyes:
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Tough brake bud! Is enough of the bolt sticking out on eather side to grasp with vise grips? If their is you may be able to get them out by aplying heat with a propane torch and then soaking it with penatrating oil. If the vise grips do not work you could try the classic EasyOut. Remember before trying the easy out to heat the bolt and use penitrating oil on If this does not work you could always drill it out with a drill smaller than the bolt size. I have had good luck using the correct tap drill for the bolt size and then chasing out the hole with a good tap. I imagine your bolts are stuck in captured or welded on nuts. If all atempts fail grind off the old nut and welp a fresh one in its place. it.

Good Luck
I've used left hand drill bits and then easy outs
with good results. The left hand drill bits alone
have done it by themselves.Use the heat and pentrating oil first and it has worked for me.
Good Luck
also if you have nerves of steel, first grind off flush with nut on both sides , drill as big a hole as possible . fetch the cutting torch start in center of hole and work out. you can burn out the bolt and not damage the threads. do just one side then pinch the left overs and it should fall out. if you have the dt's or jump bad when the torch pops better just replace the whole nut.
I recently bought some penetrating oil over at the mack truck store this is the best I've seen it worked on some hoplessly corroded bolts the type you know are going to brake it was made by K&W and is red in color and was pretty cheap(1.49)
my snap on man had a set that has a steel colar that fits bolt then you drill thru colar hole kit comes with colar drill bits and splin tool and aanother colar that turns the spline works better than most but it does say snap on it $$$ my set is 25 years old and i can still get new splines for them they have payed for them self meny times over
You could always try welding a nut onto the broken bolt. this may not work in your situation but, its a thought. Just put a nut ( as close the stud size as possible) on to the top of the stud. Then weld CAREFULLY through the nut and fuse the nut to the stud! One , it gives you a good surface to put a wrench on and two, the heat generated by the action of welding usually helps break down all that rust and junk! Hope i was of some help.
The key is to not twist them off, geez like we didnt know that! But to often i have seen people get frustrated and just lean on bolts till they break! I have found that if you are taking old bolts out , to soak them with penetrating oil and to turn them out until you feel some resistance, like just before the head snaps off.Stop and slowly turn it back in 1/4 turn, and then alternate directions using some more oil. By repeating this 1/4 out, 3/8 out it will USUALLY co-operate with you. Just something i have learned over the years. hope this helps
LOL don't know if I have that kinda patients, but it sounds like something good to learn! :D
One trick that works pretty good is to heat the bolt and then apply some wax wich will draw into the threads better than penetrating oil.
Worth trying.
I've found a penitrant spray that has'nt failed me yet it's called "BLASTER" and most auto stores carry it. Just an idea

Heres another one for ya! If you get a stubborn philips screw ( you know where the screw driver keeps jumping or skiping out of the screw head).You can take a grity compound ( valve lapping compound works great) and put some in the head of the screw, now when you put your driver back in there you have given it a better bite on the cotact areas . Other compounds could be toothpaste ( not just for brushin your choppers ya know) or course rubbing compounds. It sounds stupid but i has worked for me and it saves you from having to extract it when the head is stripped.
P.S. the key is to use this tecnique before the head gets too bad.
have a great day fella's
Do like that PB Blaster for getting anything loose. And if the drill is handy makes removal that much easier, drill out the bolt and grab it with the vicegrips. :cool:
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