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Bucket Seat Cover Installation.

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I bought a kit to recover my 1971 442's seats. The directions are as clear as mud. I bought the new seat buns also, and plenty of hog rings and the special pliers. So where do I go from here? Anyone ever done this before that can pass on some tips?

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upholstery is a very specialized area, if you want it right take it to a trim shop its well worth the price. fitting a cover properly will take up a chapter in a book.
i agree, my wife does upholstery and she wouldn't even try. her buckets are at an upholsterors tothe tune of $425. i hadda nother shop say to order them cause they were better than he could do (chump) and would save money over the $700 he wanted to do them from scratch. where i took them he promised they would look better and he's done work for me before (my tempest) and i know he's not lying, but you will be happy as long as you DONT DO IT YOURSELF. also the chump said to save money by tearing off the old covers to save him time. the guy who is doing mine said to leave them on so he would know how they looked, which i guess makes sense since he's doing them from scratch. btw. the 425 he is charging me is $125 more than i paid to have 2 buckets re-done 5 years ago.
i did mine on my 70' chevelle and they suck. its easier if you have the old covers on so you take the rings off and see where it was held down, but to button it really tight on the part where you sit is hard. i would take it to a shop as well, i will have to eventually.
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