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Bucket seats for my 1949 Ply Sedan

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Clearly there some seats that will work far better than others so I ask if anyone has installed buckets in a 49 ply sedan and what type/make/model they were. Thank-you
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Can't help you with specific Plymouth models, but around March/April of 2004, Classic Trucks magazine had a pretty neato 5-6page side-by-side comparison of whole bunches of junkyard-seat-swaps into trucks, and included the seat heights, widths, what they'd fit in, and mount-height. It was a great article (one of their only), and my wife promptly threw out my copy.

Check out and see if they can get a reprint for you.


I might have the article, let me look tonight. Send me an email, I got rid of my truck but still get the classic truck magazine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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