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buckets and back seat for 55 210?

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I bought a 55 chevy, I plan to do alot to the car and would like to find a decent set of matching seats for it..I was thinking of using a pair of buckets from a 64 implalla or chevelle and just buying a recover kit and mocking the rear seat cover to fit the 55 seat. a little tuck and hide i guess you could say. BUt these seats are high and usally need work...anyone have any other ideals here?

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Find something Late model that you like and take a measuring tape to the rear seat, you may find something very close. I am using a honda accord seat in the rear of my street rod. It works. :cool:
Measure a 61-64 full size backseat. If I recall,we used to use Impala SS bucket and rear seats in 2 door 55-57 Chevys.
Assuming you still have the original seats don't forget that the split back seat in the front of your 55 fits 55-57 and the restorers care paying $300-700 for these seats with good structure and springs. The rears are worth $100-200.
That should take care of a bunch of your "new" seat cost!
I used (gasp) ford taurus seats in my 55. I don't know the exact year but late 80's I think. I get alot of compliments on them and they fit great. Just had to modify the mounts alittle.
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