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!969 Chevy C20 Roadster
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I mentioned in my last post that my project began with s sketch. At the time I began to sketch I also began searching for a suitable donor vehicle for a roadster build. I had a small budget of less than 20k. This would limit me but would also force me to be innovative. I liked the style and look of old school American roadster with open wheels and exposed engines. I needed to find a full framed donor. I also hoped to find one with a good suspension, manual transmission, V8 power and rear wheel drive.
I wanted to start with a base vehicle that I could title and register with the DMV pre smog. I could not afford a custom built frame and metal classic or even fiberglass body so I would eventually build my own simple, cowl style, minimal aluminum body keeping the rest light and exposed and avoiding the cost of body or paint.

One afternoon my friend Rob showed up with his 1968 C20 Chevy truck. It was lowered and had a cool wide stance. I slid under the truck and wow … look at that suspension. The nascar truck arm style coil springs in the rear and double a arms and coils in front. The frame was narrow... this was it. with a bit more research I realized GM made millions of these trucks. To date they are one of the largest production volume trucks in the US and many survived based on the robust design. The aftermarket suspension kits and performance parts market is huge for these trucks. I went searching for one from 1962 to 1972 running and registered with a v8 and not too much rust for 5 thousand or less.
I went on Cragslist for a couple weeks until I located my C-20 truck. for $4000. It came with a running 350 and did not have any structural rust. I sold the stock body, interior, bed and many other parts, getting back $1800 for my build.

The next phase began with tearing down the chassis, cleaning all the parts and reworking it to become a Roadster.
1- The wheelbase was too long so the chassis needed to be shortened. I decided to match the 113" short wb C-10 models.
2- the engine needed to be moved back and down in the chassis. I wanted to have a front mid engine configuration for better handling. I bought an old Muncie 4 speed that would set up the proper engine placement. The engine was then moved back until the tail shaft of the transmission was at the cross member for the rear trailing arms. The original two piece drive shaft was tossed and only the rear one piece section used. back 30+ inches and down over inches.
3- I bought a lowering kit from CCP including dropped spindles, springs, shocks land sway bar lowering me down to a perfect ride hight.

Below I attached a pic of the finished car for those who did not see my last post as well as few pics of stage-1 described above. I will post more soon

Thanks for the interest guys,



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