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"I am running a 1990 Corvette Speed Density TPI setup on my 1967 Camaro.
When it is finished I will post pictures. I was going to use a taller cam, but I ran it on Desktop Dyno, and in the RPM range I will be running for a mostly street motor this did show to be the best.
The build is in the beginning stages, and the Manifold is not back from being converted from a stock LT1 to a first gen configuration, but it seems to be going smooth. The reason I went with the LT1 manifold conversion over a modified TPI is that the runners are almost 13 inches shorter. I would think this would flow much like a single plane manifold, and perform in a higher range than a standard TPI. This should prevent the engine from dieing at 5500 RPM. With the 30lb injectors the setup should easily push over 400hp, and well over 450ft lb torque.

? The engine is a mild 383 (6.27 liter) (5.7 liter-350 cu in block, with 4.030 bore and 3.750 in stroke)
? Using a TPI harness, without the EGR, or VATS.
? It uses VSS, and 3 wire O2 sensors.
? The Engine has 10.25-1 compression Speed Pro pistons H860cp-30 flat tops.
? Speed Pro Pistons
? AFR 195 Eliminator cylinder heads part #1040
? 1 5/8 in headers.
? Comp Cams #08-304-8 cam, 266HR-14
? Intake Duration 266,
? Exhaust Duration 276
? Intake @ .050 210
? Exhaust @ .050 220
? Valve lift intake .500
? Valve lift exhaust .510
? Lobe Angle 114°
? Hydraulic Roller Lifters
? The intake is a Modified LT1,
(See Web Page
? Fuel is delivered through 30# Bosch/Ford injectors
? The throttle body is a BBK twin 58mm with a turbo thrust reducer
? Air is routed through a Cold Air tube force fed from the lower grill
? The computer is a 727 Corvette Weather Proof Computer which uses the same Chip as the 730 with Code AUSJ
? The Distributor is a HEI small cap with Remote coil because of
Clearance issues on the Camaro Firewall and the back of the LT1 manifold."
? The Transmission is a 4 speed Muncie Transmission.
? The 12 bolt rear end is 3.73
? 16X8 American Racing Torq-Thrust D Wheels
? The tires are 225/60VR15


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