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Here's my technique for metallics:
Start with a dry, sparse coat and alow it to flash. Thes provides a nice, sticky base.
2 full, wet coats of color. If it's a small job, allow flash time between them. If its large, like a whole car, it shouls be almost ready for the second buy the time you finish the first.
After the second coat, examine the car carefully under good light to make sure you don't have any thin or dry spots. The entire surface should look like a mirror. Allow that to flash while you take some of your ready-to spray paint and cut it in half with reducer.
Now apply a light but wet coat of the over-reduced material over the whole project. Caurion, the thin mixture comes out like a shotgun, be sure and turn your gun down - except for the fan control - you want maximum fan.
You can spray from a greater distance and overlap about 50%.
You will see the color lighten and the metallic lay uniformly.
Follow the manufacturer's recomendations on clear coating.
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