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hi, i am currently trying to install a 1977 tach gauge cluster into a non tach 1984 chev scottsdale. does any one have an idea where to get schematics for these two gauge clusters, that show wiring diagram. thanx .
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Doc here, :pimp:

You'll Need to get a Schematic for the 77, and The 84.

Next write a list and drawing of what each wire at the instrument cluster does and it's Color code..EXAMPLE:


Temp lamp........Brown..........Sender wire.
Oil Pressure.......Gray............Oil Sender.



Temp lamp....Green.......Sender wire.
Oil Pressure...Black........Oil Sender.


Then make another, of what wire color you will be using (either 77 or 84 ) on the Body side of the plug, OR if you make color changes to the field wiring. Plus the NEW wires you will be adding for the TACH circuit. This will be your final schematic.

Save The Plugs from Both Clusters. They may not be compatible, so you may have to use the cluster plug from the 77 on your stock harness. Also cut away as much wire as possible from the donor Harness as , you may need it.

Doc :pimp:
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Doc here, :pimp:

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Doc :pimp:
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