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Hello All I am new here and am looking for a Donor corvette suspension for my
1955 first series GMC 1/2 ton. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.
I have been studying my options for a good while and have decided if I'm going in I'm
going all in! Not looking to build a show truck but I want a dependable solid driver!
Truth be known, I started on this project back in 78' I am ashamed to say!
I bolted a 76 GMC front suspension ( needed 2 - 1" spacer plates) to my frame.
Installed a 350 with a turbo 400, and swapped out the rear end.
Never completed the truck and was not happy with that clip.
We started a family and the truck has followed me around ever since :) .

I'd appreciate all input I can get from ya'll,

Jeff in Tejas
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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