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C4 Transmission green dot v-body

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airworld2 said:
OKs Mr d morris your the ford guy right( just messing with you)
the old c4 tranny 64 1/2 to 66 was semi auto c4 as they where called
drive 3 tranny started in 2nd then shifted to 3rd
drive 2 position started in first shifted to second and then shifted to third gear
drive 1 or low on the shifter was first only

I don't know how many first time mustang owners have come to my shop thinking they car was not working correctly, I have to explain the working of the old tranny's

some shop's have change the valve bodies to correct this so called trouble to make the customer's happy
When I get my 64 1/2 c4 back in my 'stang I'll double check .. but...

The way I remember it ..
drive 1 is first no problem
First green dot (small) Second (it never shifts to 3rd)
Second green dot (large) shifts 1,2,3

Problem was people were leaving the trans in the small green dot (second gear) and burning up their transmissions. If the second green dot (large) starts in second.. My 'stang is a hoss I have been drag racing for years starting in 2nd gear and I still can't get any traction. In 67 ? I believe Ford
idiot proofed the C4 with the 1-2-D setup.

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onlythegood said:
I believe Ford
idiot proofed the C4 with the 1-2-D setup.

No idea WHY Ford made the change in 1967, BUT ALL Ford transmissions made the same change in the same year.

SO DID ALL OTHER MAKERS OF ALL OTHER TRANSMISSIONS ALL IN 1967 IN THE U.S. Granted, some others were changed before that, but in 1967 the shift patterns were "standardized" across the board with only minor variations since then to accommodate the newer transmissions.

Coincidence? Not likely. So, I would assume that somewhere deep in the bowels of government bureaucracy there was some sort of law or rule or something made that forced the automakers to change, just like keeps happening constantly even today.
That is weird. Late 67 is when the U.S. accepted the Metric system also. Before that all imported vehicles had to have standard thread/size bolts/nuts. I have a 67 Datsun truck, every bolt/nut is standard. My Friend's 68 truck has metric bolts/nuts.
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