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3.4 are a real PITA

its FWD so i dont know if you can even pull the cam with the engine installed

i dont see how you could

just worked on a 93 firebird with 3.4 the owner put in it brand new remanufactured he bought it apart and as a badsket case

wouldnt run right

i had to remove the plenum and Vc's and adjust reset the rockers

still not running right

3.4 are junk



i would run away fast

its gonna cost you lots of $ and time

not worth it

buy new engine and hope for the best

but id just spend the same $ on a reliable vehicle

have fun

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FORGET CHANGING CAM!!!!!!. If a 3.1-3.4 engine breaks a cam it is because it has spun (welded) the center cam bearing. SPUN BEARING= JUNK BLOCK.. I see this three- four times a month.

Look for another engine!!!! BOB
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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