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Camaro Front Subframe Swap ?'s

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hey can someone help me out?
I am currently working on a 1968 camaro and I'm having a hard time making a decision and i was hoping someone could offer some insight. So here it goes the car in question is a 1968 camaro bracket racer i bought off ebay that will be a street car . Since the dash is cut and the only orignal thing in the entire is the guage cluster ive decided against a restoration. I'm working with drums on all four corners, Shot steering components, collapsed column, a 3rd gen steering box with no ps pump or hoses, and also a slightly tweaked subframe ( no cracks or visible crease/crumple marks. So this is what i cant decide. Should I just bring my car to a body shop and get the frame staightened and then rebuild the steering components and drum brakes or should I swap in a new front subframe. The reason I ask is that I have access to a damn near mint and free 78 trans am subframe with all the steering and brake components working and a 78 camaro subframe that is almost mint except it needs a tie rod. So has anyone done this personally or know someone that has. I've looked online and haven't been able to find anything on it. Since im on a limited budget it seems the swap would give me the greatest performance for the buck because it would give me disc brakes, front steer, better geometry and the ability to bolt on cheap circle track parts. Ive never swapped a subframe into anything but they both look about the same except the 2nd gen might be a little wide but nothing wheels probably couldnt fix. So if you have any info id love to hear and it would help a lot thanks.
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I can't sat for sure,,, but i think camero or Pontiac should interchange... guessing camero would be less problem to swap out...
but i'm sure there are a lot of better qualified people here that will give you specs...
if wheels are a little too wide,, flare them...
A '78 subframe won't fit on a '68.

A '67-'69 Camaro/Firebird subframe will fit, as will '68-'72 Nova and clones. A '73-'74 Nova subframe will bolt to the body, but I think the motor mounts were clamshell-type, and '74 may have bumper mounting issues, since they used bumper shock absorbers.

I think I'd see what a frame shop could do first.
Isn't the early Camaro a rear steer while the 70 and up a front steer? Totally different animal.

Isn't the early Camaro a rear steer while the 70 and up a front steer? Totally different animal.

Yep, Gen 2 F bodies - 1970-81 were all front steer, and the 1979-81 versions use the same upper/lower A arms, ball joints and disc brakes as the 1977-92 full size B-bodies.
The steering wouldn't matter because the new subframe would have new steering except for the one tie rod it needs...............
The front steer subframes won't just bolt up to the 67-69 Camaro body.
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