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WIthout being able to quote all of the details, I would've just told you that all of the posts I read, and advice I was given (thanks guys!), as I planned my 383 build lead to the conclusion that Vortec heads are not the way to go... unless you're broke and have more time, persistence, and machining skills than cash.
Bogie can tell you every detail of how to do it, but leads to the same conclusion...
It seems like the best "low buck" heads, according to the polls, have been the Skip White 200cc aluminum heads for $820.
They're available now.
SBC CHEVY 327 350 383 NKB-200cc ALUMINUM HEADS 64cc STRAIGHT PLUG NKB-272 | Skip White Performance - We have the best prices you will ever find for aluminum heads, rotating assemblies and strokers

ProMaxx has their ProjectX 215cc heads on sale right now for just under $1300.
They claim really good flow numbers...
Also available now.
Project X SBC 215 (Sold in Pairs) - PROMAXX Performance Products

Profiler heads went WAY up in price during the COVID crap, but it looks like the 2.02 heads are back to normal prices.
The 2.08 heads are still much higher than pre-COVID.
You have to realize that their flow numbers are based on the 2.08 valves, so could be very misleading.
Their lead time is a couple of months... and that tends to change along the way.

I'd suggest the Skip White heads if you're going with your first cam choice.
Check out the ProMaxx Project-X heads if you want to go with a more aggressive cam, and you want to maximize the HP potential of the cam... although I'd expect that the heads from Skip will probably be just fine for anything in the .220's

Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about any of this... 🙄

Best of Luck!

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I have a similar cam to your second cam (498/502 .220/.226), with Profiler 215 2.08 heads, and it's super fun in my Chevelle!
I have a 2300 stall converter on my 4L60e, with 3.73 gears.
Great cruiser that really gets up and goes when you get on it.
The only issue I have is traction... ;)
So as long as you're willing to get a new converter, and 3.55 or higher gears, I'd go with that cam. (y):cool:

3.08 with OD is not the way to go, unless you're planning on very long highway trips, and you're trying to max your MPG.
But the more knowledgeable guys have stated that 3.08 with OD may actually give you worse MPG...
I'd highly recommend 3.55 or 3.73 and the .220 cam.
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