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chevy 355
9-1 cast piston
crower 268fdp
rpm intake
3500 stall
400th shift kit
h.v pump
1:94 3 angle valve job
10 bolt posi 3:55 gears
polished crank/ reconditioned rods
blocked pressured test& hot tanked
new cam bearings& freeze plugs/ oil plugs

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fyi, pistons are rated at a compression ratio based on head volume.

for example, 9:1 pistons with 64cc heads.

however, these 9:1 pistons would be 8:1 with 76cc heads.

so what heads do you have and want head cc did they use to rate the pistons?

furthermore, 3500 stall is a lot for your combo.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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