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Can Fuel Injected Cars Shoot Exhaust Flames?

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:confused: i was wondering, i have just a little v6 1986 camaro z27 berlinetta, and i was wondering if any variations of this sparkplug idea would work for a fuel injected car. i'm wondering because i've heard some people say it cant. i would really like some ideas on how to do this becuase that is such a croud pleaser and it does look cool in the night.
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And this makes your car go faster, how?! You want to see some flames try oxygen instead of nitrous.
Flames are dangerous. Their dangerous to anyone who walks behind your car when you're not looking (can you spell law suit?) yea, go ahead and laugh but I've seen it happen. They’re dangerous to your car if the gas tank is close to the flame (kind of hard to put a fire fed by an entire tank of gas out with a garden hose). But most importantly, they can be very dangerous to your life if you singe the paint on the car behind you. It's a '50s fad that should be left back in the '50s.

All that being said, it would be very difficult to set up flames on a fuel-injected car. The flames work by using an extremely rich mixture in the exhaust pipe (produced by flooding the carb while cutting the ignition out) and a fuel injection system won't allow you to do this. The best you could do would be to use propane or something similar but then your into a pressurized explosive gas. One other drawback to flames is your insurance. The company finds out you have a flame system on your car and you can most likely kiss your insurance company goodbye.

Just a few thoughts on a somewhat childish fad.
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hi there is a kit that i know of that you can put it on but you have to remove your cat and you dont have to make your car run richer it will work on fi cars to. the name of the kit is spit-fire flame kit search on the internet for it if you cant find it i can email you the page and by the way do not use propane thats a stupid way just use the kit and be safe the price of the kit is $84.95 plus $7.50 s&h shipped ups good luck

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You're wrong

This is in response to that idiot who thinks flames should be left in the 50's. You are just stupid to say something like that, back in the 50's when it was a big fad, shooting flames from your vehicle was an awesome crowd pleaser, and now since it's even more rare to see, its that much more pleasing to a crowd. You also said it was a dangerous thing, well I'd say you're just a wuss. The only time it would be dangerous would be if someone stupid like yourself had it set up in your vehicle. I've got a 1981 F-150 and as soon as i put my bigger, better engine in it, I'll definitly have 2 glorious flames shooting out of my dual flowmaster exhaust and everybody that sees it is going to enjoy it and no one is going to get hurt. Maybe you should re-read your message and think a little bit about just how much of a wuss you really are. Flames are dangerous my ***. Flames were, and always will be cool.
he may have had a little to strong of an opinion, but that is no reason to come on here and say things like that.
i can tell from your wording that you don't know jack **** about cars, so the best thing for you to do is keep your whining little mouth shut. :evil:
They make kits that fit ANY car, or you can rig it up yourself using instructions available on the net.

My last car had denatured alcohol in the rear windshield washer reservoir and had a nylon fuel line running to a nipple I welded to the exhaust pipe. The rear washer switch sprayed the alcohol into the exhaust, and activated (via relay) a $10 ignition coil connected to a spark plug tapped into the exhaust by a hole drilled, and a nut w/ the same threads as the plug welded over the hole.

You can do a similar setup without having the alcohol reservoir. Here are instructions on how to do that:

If you use this method, I would recommend using a momentary switch or wiring a flasher between the switch and coil... otherwise the engine will stall easily.
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