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The two are both F bodies, so depending on the year of camaro I think they should swap out fine. The doors are basically the same, but your tailights won't be correct. Not sure on any under hood parts location off hand, but I do beleive they are identicle. swapping from a '78 formula firebird to a camaro, the camaro front would have to be 1975 on. Before '75 the camaro's rear window didn't wrap around. It can be done but it will be an odd contraption. Why not just stick with firbird stuff? A '78 formula could be very cool, and if hood clearance is a problem PM me and I can tell you how to solve that problem with a bit of sheetmetal work. Formulas are cool cars and can look very mean if given the chance. I have a '77 Trans-Am and the parts are pretty plentiful, just give the formula a chance if its possible.

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