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I have a cam that I purchased awhile back for a 94 LT1 z28. Its a comp cam 276hr. Will this work in this particular engine? I already know Im going to have do work to the heads to allow me to use different springs and such to allow for this much lift, but I just wanted to make sure it would even work. It would save me some much needed cash if thats the case. I also have some comp springs that I bought that are good for 550 lift. If this cam would work, will those springs work in the vortec heads? Again, these springs were for the LT1.

And finally, one last set of questions. Concerning these heads...Can anyone basically hold my hand and point me in the right direction on what I have to do to modify them to work with the larger cam? Im guessing the cheapest direction would be to just have a machine shop do the work and then add in some aftermarket springs, But Im an idiot and am not sure what to ask for, what would be a good set of springs to use, or what this stuff is Ive read about the valve guide seals. Ive built a few engines, but never really did much other then let a machine shop rework my heads for me. This is going into uncharted territory for me. Many thanks in advance for any and all help.
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