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can it be done

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hi guys,
my younger brother has a 94 dodge shadow es ad wants to make a hot rod out of it. i do not know if this can be i am asking all of you<can it be done >? nad if so how or beter yet where can i send him to learn how ?? thanks for your help.

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well it depends on wat you want to do to it to make it a hotrod
anythings possible if ya have enough money and free time.......
Help out that bottom end and push the boost way up.

Anything can be made into a Hot Rod.............depends how deep your pockets are.
poncho62 said:
Anything can be made into a Hot Rod.............depends how deep your pockets are.
GRRR.....thats wat i said :eek: lol jk...
the 4 cylinders and the 6's both have nice potential

the 4's came factory w/ turbos alot of times, and i beleive they came dohc in some app's

the 6's are sohc N/A versions of the twin turbo stealth engines, and therefor alot of the stealth/ 3kgt aftermarket short block parts will apply, and that same twin turbo stealth engine is actualy swapable into a front driver mopar

theres ALOT that can be done, and all he has to do is search the web for info .. theres ALOT of website w/ fwd chryslers in the 11's ... including a minivan in the 10's
This is officially the oldest thread to ever be dragged back up.

check the date 11/05/01
whats sad is that someone else was searching for "dodge shadow hot rod"
ah haha ha ha .... all i did was check the date of the last post b4 i posted a reply .. didnt think a week was to long ..

do ya think maybe his brother was still waiting for an answer from us b4 he decided what to do w/ it ? maybe ... hopefully we were still of some service ?

yea ... longshot .. i know
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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