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Can You Clearcoat Aluminum?

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I am in process of polishing the aluminum on my motorcycle. Issue, as most of you know, is that it is a pain to maintain if you actually ride it. Was wondering if anyone has ever clearcoated aluminum or is it even possible. Obviously so I don't have to polish it constantly. Any tips? Thanks for the help. <img src="graemlins/drool.gif" border="0" alt="[drool]" />
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i thought my wheels were clear coated when i bought them, and was told they are not! just hella chiney! i sprayed some brand x clear on my "stainless steel" steering shaft about 6 months ago after it started rusting and i removed the rust, and so far no more rust, and as you might remember i had no hood on for the whole time. however there is nothing rubbing against it. if it's a bike part use powder coating (ala mr. guru above) if your foot or leg is going to be next to it rubbing the paint off. or if gas can spill on it taking it right off.
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