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Hi guys,

I have been drooling over the Summit paints and their prices for a while now...I mean, $100 for a GALLON? I just paid $60 for 8.5 oz of regular old black paint (non metallic) here in Canada-land last week. I feel like I got majorly ripped off...but that is the only paint supplier I know in the area (CarQuest auto body store).

Anyone have suggestions of places where I can buy reasonably priced paints? I feel like we're getting extremely screwed over here in Canada when it comes to paints.

Unfortunately Summit won't ship paint due to it being a "hazardous substance".


Rod...from a Chrysler?
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I just paid $240 CDN for a gallon of cheap red paint. Doesn't include hardener or reducer.
If you live in Canada, be prepared to do a lot of ankle grabbing for anything you buy.

Where are you located?
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