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can't get old hose clamp off...

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Hey guys so I need to remove the old hose clamp that holds the hose from the gas tank up tobthe filler&the head is stuck&I've trye but can't seem to get anything up on there Ive thought about using a cutoff wheel but I've already been burnt up before working on a car&don't wanna chance it Any ideas?
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Can you get the end of a hacksaw blade on it? You can buy a handle to hold those blades, with one end sticking out. I think I bought them at Ace before.
Worm gear clamp? or something else?
Id just try to twist the screw/box off with a pair of pliers, theyre not that strong. If you dont have room for pliers, fit a flat blade screwdriver under the band, then turn it sideways, that will give you room for a pair of snips or sidecutters.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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