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please help me im so frustrated i just put my engine back together after removing some part i wasnt happy with and i cannot get the engine started now.

ok for some background info it is a new engine less than 200 miles on it i had a set of procomp head on it with a 144 supercharger and i had either a upper cylinder sealing problem and i also had chewed up the lobes on the supercharger because my baby cousin like to play in the garage and i found one of them had put a washer in my blower well anyway i took the engine apart put new edelbrock heads and a brand new weiand 177 on top and after assembly i tried to start it and it just cranks!!!
i do have msd so i immediately checked spark i had no spark so i cleaned up my ground suface and now i have spark but the car still doesnt start. so i swapped the fuel filter and still nothing every once in a while i get a puff out of the carb not like i firing but like the mixture what pushed out the intake valve

could it be my timing?? when i installed the distributor i put the timing mark directly at 0 then dropped the distributor in pointing at #1 but wouldnt the car still start?

also i compression tested all the cylinder to see if i had done something bad again but they are all up at around 120 psi

could it be that i have spark when the plugs are grounded externally and when they go in the engine i am getting lean misfire?

please help pretty soon i am going to be forced to take the car off the insurance until it is really ready i dont wanna do that i have been building this car for a long time and i want it for the summer and it has been apart like 4 times
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