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hey guys this is probally a doumb question but....most of you know i have a 1987 caprice 5.7l 350.thing is it has impala emblems on on each quarter panel behind rear window and one over key entry to trunk,but has no caprice emblems.did the previous owner just want it to be an impala or by some chance was there a half caprice/impala ever made? :confused:

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There are subtle differences between the Impala and the Caprice.

The Caprice will have a nicer interior
The Caprice will have a bit of extra 'brightwork' in and around the car.

Most Impalas that I have seen from 77 up were pretty 'plainjane'

plastic door panels,
no exterior trim work except for maybe rocker panels and rain gutters
few had power windows.
single color, plain, vinyl or cloth interiors---basic like the seats in an old Biscayne.
Tilt column not likely in the Impala
Cruise control in most Caprice cars---but not as common in the Impala line
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