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Skim a layer of number 2 around 1/32nd thick on the top of the intake and bottom of carb. I find using my finger works better then a putty knife etc.

Clean your threads while your here then apply the DRY gasket and carb. Tighten bolts hand tight around 10 pounds. Let the number 2 gasket material dry for 24 hours(50-70F).

Have a few extra gaskets on hand and just clean the surface(new gasket and number 2) each time you install a carb.

Apply the number 2 to the metal surfaces not the gasket. The gasket is doing the work. The number 2 is just helping seal any razor blade gouges or slight warps where that gasket meets the metal.

The number 2 is just enough to fill in any imprefections in the machined surfaces.

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