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Today I rebuilt the factory 2 barrel carburetor on my truck. I had the correct kit for the carburetor and i begum...

When I first opened the carb up to acess the damage I pulled out a good 30 and someodd years of build up and dirt.

I did everything I was supposed to do and then i went to install it on my truck... everything was going good till i turned the key. My truck sat there spinning the motor and not firing over. I got out and checked all of the lines, they were all connected so I went back inside to make sure i didn't miss any parts. Everything is where it is supposed to be. I cleaned every passage and part to that carburetor with aproximatly 24 cans of carb cleaner.

Everything looks nice but i tried again and its still not firing over, it isn't getting gas to the jets in it. I concluded that so i tried the gas down the carb trick but nope this didn't help any so i pulled a spark plug off- lots of spark (nocked me down- ouch this one hurt).

I took the carb back inside and tore it down again and put it back together one more time went back outside and it is happening again... What could the problem be, if you have any sugestions I will go outside and try them..

Eric Crusch:pain: :confused: :sweat:

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Doc here::pimp:

First of all, what Carb, engine and truck are we dealing with here?
Mechanical or Electrical Fuel pump?
Are you SURE it dosesn't Spray Gas when you pump the throttle out the stream at all?
Is the Float bowl actually filling?
How old is the fuel you are trying to fire it on, hopefully not 30 years old...

And did it run before you took the carb off?

Here are some generic things to try...

You Say you have a good BLUE spark AT the plugs not just at the cap right?...that should be OK.

You Said you poured Gas down the throat of the Carb and it still would not fire? Correct?

This may sound Dumb...but you didn't leave a rag in the manifold when you put the carb back on did ya? Squit Happens!

Pump the throttle a few times, Do the Jets spray (after Cranking a few times) I think you said no, but did you check after cranking (to prime the pump again?) If not look again...

Is the Float bowl filling up?

pull the air horn off after cranking a bit and look to see if gas is actually in the bowl,

If there is gas, you may have a bad/maladjusted primary pump or dirt in one of the bowl circuits OR a wrong or misaligned gasket blocking one off...

If you don't see gas in the bowl, check the float and needle seat to see if it's stuck. If that works,

Disconnect the power (12 volts) to your Coil, crack open the fuel line and crank it, Does it pump fuel? (electric you should only have to turn on the key)

If you don't have fuel, back check your filters and line to the pump.

Check the pump for operation.

Check the pump to tank line for crushes, dents or holes.

Check your Fuel Sump screen for clogs(if the carb was that bad the screen might be stopped up, back blow it with compressed air CAREFULLY and the filler cap off.)

From what you said, you have spark at the plugs (all of them) but it wouldn't fire bottle fed gas? Did you try start fluid?

(BTW, next time try using a timing light, Clamp the inductive lead as close to each plug as possible, It will strobe as you crank it, if you have good fire...better than getting bit!)

That is what has me wondering here..Did it run BEFORE you pulled the carb? Cuz about the only thing that would stop it from firing at that point is an obstruction in the induction system (rag left in the manifold).OR a HUGE induction leak..and even then you'd get signs of life..pops etc..

If it didn't run before, you might want to do a compression test before going may have no usable compression on a good spark and fuel.

Give us more..
Did it run before?
Year, engine and carb type
Fuel pump Mech or Elect.
Old gas or new

And try some of the stuff above..
Maybe we can help more ..

Doc :pimp:

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Set mixture screws

After checking for fuel as mentioned above. See squirts

Float may be hung up. Can sometimes tap if free.

To dry set mixture screws turn all the way in and back out 2 turns.

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The truck was running but would have a bad "bog" as my dad called it.

It has gas after attempting to fire it up...

The carburetor is a Cartor I see 2 numbers one in the back stat startes 6-2138 x2 and the other under the mfd. by carter carburetor St. Louis U.S.A that one states 0-2378. It is a dodge D-200 with a 318. Mechanical fuel pump..

I've pulled the carb off nothing there so i'm going back into, but looking at the jet i think i might have put it in wrong (looks like the linkage could allow for 2 ways.
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