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carb trouble 87 firebird

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i hope i can get some help,i have a87 firebird with carb#17086004 (2695) motor is stock 350,4bbl vi# 1g2fw87hxgn207015 ,carb is trashed no one around here wants to rebuild it and say its not worth it,so went ta replace it quad jet replacement is 389.00,Tried ta get after market edlelebrock ,afb ,parts place says i cant use it unless i change intake and figure out what wires to un hook and hope it will run , what i need ta now is what carb will work,what wirring changes i have ta do if any ,what carb spacer to use,i love my bird and cant stand her wings clipped please help
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You need to contact someone like -this- to talk about restoring your present carburetor.

Being that it is a feedback, it wouuld be a real pain to bypass the ECM to take a mechanical carburetor.
Chunk the CCC system and convert it to a mid to late 70's setup-you cold spend 500.00-1,000.00 on the CCC system, and still would a piece of crap, even if it did run like intended.
If I'm undrestanding your problem.
you have a Rochester 4mv (quadrajet)
When you say its beat, it starts ruff or you have to assist the choke to get it to start at all.
If this is the case It is the Electronic choke.
the rond black thing on the passenger side of the carb. there is hope you may be able to ajust it (trial and error) or replace it (from a good condition used) other wise replace the carb. Yes it seems pricey but atleast you don't have to open the hood to start her.
Now get that bird flying again.

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get rid of the CPU crap and put an edelbrock for about 250.00, about a 600cfm, on there. It'll solve all your probs.

I'm rebuilding a 17086004 currently. As luck would have it, I've got GM certification to rebuild these C-4 carbs and systems. These are great carburetors, with much potential. The people who knock them, don't understand C-4. I've rebuilt plenty of the other carbs too, Q-Jet is better by far. Keep the system of electronic's, nothing is more reliable.
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