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A stock 454 would get along just fine with an Edelbrock AVS either 650 if your a cruiser on the highway or an 800 if like to curl your toes over the speed limit.

The AVS is as close as you can come to the Q-Jet from current domestic production carbs. It uses metering rod primaries as does the Q-jet with an adjustable air valve in the secondary so no matter how deep your into the throttle the air valve will not overflow the engines ability to digest mixture as a mechanically linked Holley or Holley clone will do.

The AVS can be found in two variations the AVS1 which is the older original Carter Carburetor design (1968) and the Edelbrock redesign of that the AVS 2 which uses annular booster venturies to replace the original single vent down leg booster. The annular stirs up a more uniform mixture for the engine making for better gas mileage and smoother cruise RPM operation. The cost is a little off the top end but this doesn’t sound like a place you operate at but if it is the 800 is large enough to cover that and then some. But for moderate legal speeds an not bury you foot acceleration probably the 650 is adequate.

Dont confuse AVS Thunder series with the AFB Performer series. The Performer is the older of the Carter original designs (1957) it mostly differs in the secondary where it mounts a velocity valve that is not adjustable and is positioned under the secondary venturies and their throttle blades. It’s a decent carb and except for the secondary air metering valve is mostly common to the AVS.

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