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what car is yours? I have a 1985 C30 crew cab with a 454 modified with dome pistons and a performer rpm cam, stock exhaust manifolds and intake, I had the stock q-jet that finally died so I installed a spread to square adapter and bolted on a stock Holley 600 cfm vacuum secondaries, I could't be happier, performs great, starts like EFI, awesome midrange (where I drive the most) and even decent on top wich is not much above 5.500 and even gets pretty decent gas millage, there is no way I would install a bigger carb, I don't want a race engine, it's an almost daily driver that I use for work, it releases the torque beast that the 454 is built for. the only changes I've made so far are recurved the distribuitor and installed 68 primary jets. Bigger is never better, even for racing.
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