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Hi again guys.

I have a 454 is my 71 Nova. The motor has a nice sized cam, roller rockers, Rectangular port closed chamber Heads with 2.19/1.88 valves, and quite a few other "horsepower making" parts. I ran all my numbers in Desktop Dyno and it gave me back that I should be making 505 horsepower, and 510 ft lbs of torque. I know Desktop Dyno isn't 100% accurate, so I figure everything at the 475/475 mark.

Anyway, right now the weakest link seems to be my carbuerator. Im running a Holley 750 duel feed double pumper. The carb does pretty well, but it just doesn't feel like its enough carb for my motor.

I have the oppurtunity to buy this carbuerator:

Very reasonably priced from a person I know. The carb is new in the box, but has been sitting in storage for about 2 years. Would this be enough carbuerator for my application? I don't plan on doing anything else to the motor for a long time, so I really don't need to get something too big in anticipation of more mods. ALso, would I be able to use my Edelbrock RPM Performer intake with that carb? Or does that carb require a "Dominator" manifold? (If you couldn't tell, I don't know a whole lot, but im Learning)

Any info you guys can share is greatly appreciated.


PS: If any of you need an engine combo ran through Desktop Dyno to get an approximate number on the amount of power your making, please don't hesitate to PM me with your setup and I'll run it through for you.
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