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Cat converter?

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I was wondering if the cat converter on my 78 camaro is the very restrictive ball type? If so any recomendations on a high flow that would bolt right up.
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If you have to run a converter, from what I have read, the most "high-performance" converters are made by Random Technology.

Below Random Technology are converters made by Dynomax, Dynatech and Catco. You can see these three with pricing at Summit here.

I put a cheap Catco on my 91' GTA and it seemed to be just fine. One may produce a little more power on the dyno, but I doubt you could "feel" the difference between the choices above. I would look at Catco first.

As far as bolting right up, I don't know. I am sure one these companies makes a "bolt-in" converter, but it isn't too much trouble to cut off the stock joint and use a stainless steel strap clamp like this.

Good luck, Ed
I second the catco. It was fairly cheap and it works nicely. We used one on my fathers 98 GMC truck, compared to the hollowed out converter that we removed, I couldn`t tell a power difference. The converter on your car very likely is the ball type, but the type makes no matter after time, as they all melt and become such a restriction the car will barely accelerate.
I'm sure im going to get alot of flack for asking this but what about un bolting the cat and then smashing the sides out and just bolting it back. The only reason I ask this is a live in a vary small town and they are vary leanient on smog controle.
That would solve the problem of the cat clogging. However if you have ANY smog restrictions whatsoever I would avoid it. Properly working hi-performance cats dont rob energy.
Alright well might be a good thing to do just tell I save up a bit more money and replace the cat with a high flow.
If it's the bead-type cat, it will have a very flat bottom with a plug near one end. You can undo the plug & some little black beads about 1/8" in diameter will fall out. Many more will fall out if you race the engine or drive around the block a few times. More noise will also come out, but that's probably OK for a short time. The beads may stain the driveway, so be forewarned. Replace the plug (I used a freeze plug, 1-5/8" I think, but you better check for sure).
Thanks for the tip. Yea it has a flat bottom on it I know for sure. I'll have to check on the plug as I was never realy looking for it before. The noise wont be an issue mostly because of the town I live in. I don't run mufflers and have never had a problem with local police or state tropers.
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