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cc of heads?

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Hey All.
It will be a short bit before I order, but I was wondering about the intake runners of cylinder heads.
I found some nice deals on Ebay. A brand new set of Dart SS heads with 72cc chambers, 2.02X1.60 valves, Z28 springs, ect.. and 170cc intake runners.
Are these to small for a medium performance built, blown motor?
There only about $650.00 shipped and all. HG
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That depends on the boost level and what pistons you are running with what octane your burning and compression height with deck height. Assuming flat top and .025 in the hole with a .041x4.166 head gasket I would say it could take 5-9 pounds with 93 pump fuel.
There forged blower Sealed power pistons. 64cc heads are 8.4-1 comp and 76cc heads are like 7.7-1 comp. Im looking at around 8.4-8.1 comp ratio and 6-8 lbs of boost at 6 grand max runs in a lighjt weight street car.
Will these type heads fill the bill? Should I go bigger on the cc runners? Tnx, HG
I would go bigger. I would run a 190cc to 200cc intake runner.
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