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CD installation in a 68 Camaro

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I've got a 1968 Camaro and I'd like to get rid of the stock AM radio and put in a radio with a CD player. It looks like the dash has to be hacked up. Has anyone put in an aftermarket CD player and how much work is it?

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first of all if it was my 68 I would put in a shaft style radio with cd changer combo. that way the dash will still be in tack.
But if you are really set on cutting up the dash you will need a few tools.
first a saws all and a drimal with cutting blade.
and a good flat file. Now to insure you are not doing this in vain measure the depth of the cd player you are wanting to install (remember not all cd players are the same size)then measure the location you want to install the unit.
if you have enough room then get a template of the cage for the unit and mark it out where you want it installed at.
the trick is to cut on the inside of the line and then file away the differance to get that great custom fit.
after you get the cage slot finished and it fits
tight then the rest is just installing the cd player.
if you need any more help just drop me a line
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I think you're right. I'm going to get a good shaft type radio and put in a CD changer. I talked to another owner and he said cutting up the dash is a bad idea.

Thanks for saving me from a hack job!!!

This company makes a unit that will fit you dash and puts the CD changer someplace where it is accesible. :cool:
Thanks again. I just went to custom auto-sound and it looks like that's the way to go.
i seen mounting kits that bolt under the dash fer old cars. I dunno if there be room between dash and console tho, but tahts what i would do. [email protected]@k here...
What ever you do,don`t hack the dash up.
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