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Does anyone have any pics of center consoles they have made. What were they made from, covered with, gage of steel, fiberglass etc. Along with some descriptions as to how you did it. I'm thinking of running a console front to back in my '62 Impala and need some ideas. I would also like to run an overhead console but not quite sure yet. I was thinking of either making my own or getting the overhead out of a '96 Blazer. It has a few cubby holes in it, compass, and lights. Might look pretty good in there. I would just need to trim to fit. Any ideas appreciated and all pics will be put into my folders.


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Sorry Kev, no picks, but I have an overhead in my truck. I started with cardboard to make a template. Then used 1/2 in plywood as a flat plane to work from. I made a front piece from cardboard and then plywood from that template. Cut the nesc. holes for stereo and other items and covered with carpet left from interior work. The only drwback I have, is when it gets real hot here in SC, that area keeps the heat and tapes play like they are on ludes!
I have seen other shots in mags on full length consoles and they follow my... I followed thier idea when I made mine. Duct tape and cardboard are almost free, so have a nut before you commit to final.
Oh yea, I too use lights, clocks, compass, etc out of junk yard cars for detail. So far it's the best use for an import!
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