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Everything you said is correct. I am in the middle of fixing my wiring now. Eliminate or disconnect the starter to distributor wire. Run a large guage wire from the hei to a switched 12 volt source. I am using a 12, stock from a Buick, cause the distributor is at the front and the long wire will reach just about anywhere you want. Some suggest plugging into the ign terminal at the fuse box, but others say the switched fuse box terminal will not stand up to the constant voltage required. A local chevy mechanic says to splice it into a switched wire at the ign switch, under the column, soldering and wrapping. I tried to trace back my original resistence wire to the firewall junction box to pull it and just repin the Buick wire in. What a hassle. Could not get the pin out of the bulkhead connector, so I am planning on trying the fuse box, alternatively tapping the wire into the ignition switch if that does not work. In any case, I too, have the cloth wrapped silver resistence wire, problem was someone else rewired and installed the hei when I got my car, splicing the resistence wire inline to a red 18 guage wire which went to the hei. Funny thing, somehow this mickey mouse setup is feeding 12.5 volts to the hei in the run position, well over the 9.6 I have read about, and has run well from day one. Go figure. My system runs 13.7 volts (14 on my meter)in run, so I am seeing some resistence somewhere. Only thing I can guess is that somebody tapped another wire into the resistence wire somewhere, near the hei unit so it does not drop that low. Will post an update when the dust settles. It really can't be this hard...can it? lol
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