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cheapest cnc heads?

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does anyone know who makes the cheapest CNC heads for a 350 sbc? prefferably 2.02 valves. thanks
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If you are looking strictly on price you may want to hold off for a little bit. Engine quest is to be releasing the pro action heads again. I just saw an add for them in the last PRI magazine but i don't know for sure of there availibility....

I would highly recommend that you buy AFR. You can get the street CNC ported 195cc heads for $1400. Currently that is the cheapest I have seen, and I am sure you know of the performance.

Edelbrock makes cnc heads for way cheaper then 1400 bucks.
Trick flow also makes a CNC head for well under $1400
I tried to find the Edelbrock and Trick Flow heads, but the cheapest that I could find were between $1150-$1578 (depending on the parts) for the Trick Flows out of Summit for the 195cc head, but those heads did not come with CNC ported exhaust or intake runners, only combustion chambers. The cheapest I could find for the Edlebrock was the Victor Jr head from Avenger Cylinder heads, they came fully CNC ported, but they were $1800 a set. I was wrong about the AFR's they are $1300, not $1400 a set and come fully assembeled with 100% CNC ported intake runners, 100% CNC'd exhaust runners and 100% CNC'd combustion chambers.

For fully CNC'd heads it appears AFR would be the choice based on cost. All of their heads come with 70-100% cnc'd intake, 100% exhaust, and 100% combustion chamberd. I looked through a few vendors and it appears firestone is right regarding the edelbrock and trickflow setups . . . they only cnc their combustion chambers.

So if you can stand the long wait ordering from AFR (or find a vendor that has them on the shelf) seems like they would be your best choice.
theres also completely cnc'd heads from jegs (ive got a set) for just under 1200 assembled 195 cc intake and heres the kicker: 2.055 valves not just 2.02
I tried to find the heads in Jegs. I found a set of aluminum heads that were CNC machined for $1200, but I couldent find any that were CNC ported. Do you have a part number?

sry bout that, those where the heads i was talking about, i ordered a pair for my car and they are still on back order as of yet but as i under stand it they are cnc'd entierly which would enclude the ports
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