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01-19-2014 09:14 AM
URL:http:// vortec Heads
Description:I read in a GM review that when using voetec heads, one must connect a coolant bypass from the intake to the pump. Has anyone have experience on this and what do they really bypass? from where to where?

I installed a Chevy crate engine in my '72 Monte Carlo, the HO turn key w/all sepertile etc. first problem getting a new fan with reverse pitch blades as water pump runs in reverse. 2nd problem, unresolved as yet: installed Vintage air works super great, except now that it is cold in FL,,,no heater!
When engine idles, heater heats up ok, drive 5 miles down the road, and no heat. Thermostat changed from factory 180 to 190 d.......slight change at idle only.

Any help or advise will be appreciated.

Roger Barr, Lakeland, FL
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