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Chev Venture, Pont. Montana gasket failures

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I'm thinking of buying a '97- 2002 Chev Venture or a Pont. Montana van. I've read and have seen indications of head/ intake gasket trouble...Anyone here have one? I'm looking to see if your antifreeze levels stays the same or not. I want to see what kind of ratio there is to happy and unhappy owners, heard alot of bad so far. THANKS.
My Hot Rod is a 38 Chev 4dr. 461 Olds that has run 12.77 @ 104.55 with 3:08 Gears and a stock converter.
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Frank K said:
heard alot of bad so far.

A fellow I work with has one for his wife........a 2001 Chevy I believe, and they have a boat load of problems.........all fixed under the warranty. They purchased the extended warranty package.

But they are looking to dump the van and do something else as soon as the payments stop.

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