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Chev Venture, Pont. Montana gasket failures

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I'm thinking of buying a '97- 2002 Chev Venture or a Pont. Montana van. I've read and have seen indications of head/ intake gasket trouble...Anyone here have one? I'm looking to see if your antifreeze levels stays the same or not. I want to see what kind of ratio there is to happy and unhappy owners, heard alot of bad so far. THANKS.
My Hot Rod is a 38 Chev 4dr. 461 Olds that has run 12.77 @ 104.55 with 3:08 Gears and a stock converter.
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my brother has a '98? transport. we had to change the intake gaskets and it was a major pita. i think this is normally about a 12 hour job. all would have been fine except we stripped one of the rocker assembly bolts and i had to put a helicoil in there (of course it was at the back of the engine)

it was a lot of work but not impossible, just a lot of tight spaces, etc. had to pull off a lot of parts to get to the nitty gritty.

so other than that i guess it's ok. but whoever designed those engines that way should be forced to fix every one of them. stupid engineers!

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